Better Together

Oded Kafri & Band bei Volume11

I’ll tell you one thing, it’s always better when we’re together. (Jack Johnson)

Rock’n Roll, Hip Hop or Latin pop – we all know that the best music was created when people from different cultural backgrounds came together. Volume11 has always been a place where people from all over the world met to make awesome music.

With this in mind, it seems incomprehensible to us that the positive aspects of migration and cultural diversity get so little attention these days.

For this very reason we want to start the project #bettertogether with you. To make this happen, we are looking for bands and musicians with different cultural backgrounds who want to write or perform songs together.

The results of this project shall be presented in public and – with a view towards the elections in 2019 – we want to show in an exemplary way that cultural separation is a bad idea.

And that’s the plan:

1. Speed Dating for musicians: we want to bring musicians with different cultural backgrounds together and let them jam. In this process, the musicians shall form groups that get on well with each other. Save the date: Saturday 09/03/2019 and also Saturday 23/03/2019.
2. First time of probation: These new groups develop their first steps together. They collect ideas and get free rehearsal time in the rooms of Volume11.
3. Mentoring: The groups will get coachings, mentoring or simply meet well known musicians (from Dresden or anywhere else in the world).
4. Bandcamp-format: The groups will get one week time together to work intensely – under professional guidance – on song ideas and/or band performances.
5. Second time of probation: The songs will be finalized and brought to perfection for rhe recording sessions and the live concert.
6. Recordings: The bands go to the studio to get a production. Probably including a video.
7. Live Presentation: There will be (at least) one big final party where the songs are played live on stage.

And meanwhile we support the entire process with public relations activities: press, social media and various viral campaigns with you.

For all that, we need your support! This is what you can do:

  • Spread the word: share the idea. Use a piece of cardboard with the hashtag # bettertogether, take pictures and hyperlink the project.
  • Join in: You are a musician and you want to get in touch with other musicians/artists of different origin – Write a song or think of a performance.
  • You know foreign languages? Help us to translate messages, flyers and webpage texts.
  • You are an experienced musician and you accompany the project as mentoring partner.
  • Support us by accompanying the media and content strategy (make videospots, social media, newsletter, press releases)
  • You are a studio producer and can help to record or mix-down audio tracks.
  • You are experienced in event organisation and help us to make live concerts happen .
  • And needless to say, this project will cost money: financial support would be helpful – or you are keen on applying for funds / fundraising / crowdfunding?

If you have a good mind to be part of this idea, get in touch with us!